Over 50 years of success

Cosmetal has more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of water coolers. Today the company is the most important Italian manufacturer, and an international leader, in the production of innovative solutions for providing and delivering drinking water.

The water coolers, both bottled and point of use, are 100% Made in Italy, and Cosmetal boasts a product range that is amongst the industry’s widest, both in terms of the type of water supplied – room temperature, chilled, hot, sparkling – and the models available – for the home, office, public places, professional studios and firms, schools, canteens, restaurants, bars, etc...

At the start of 2012, the company enlarged the new headquarters by a further 5.000 m2 of production space, for a total of 8.500 m2, and closed the old plant by concentrating the entire production department under a single roof.

Around 70% of turnover comes from exports, in particular from the European Union, United States of America and North Africa. An international focus, together with superior product quality, has enabled this company with the soul of an artisan, deeply rooted in the region, to reach truly excellent levels, becoming official suppliers and providers of customised projects to some of the most important Italian and international purchasing agencies.

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