Point of use water coolers

POU water coolers: Cosmetal plumbed in water dispensers

Point of use water dispensers (POU), offer many advantages in terms of efficiency, convenience and savings, alleviating many of the issues related to bottled water management (ie, supply, transportation, storage, disposal of empty bottles etc.).

Point of use water coolers connect directly to the water mains and instantly deliver water at room temperature, cold - still or sparkling - and hot, providing a continuous service, to meet all the different needs.

Cosmetal plumbed in water dispensers guarantee the quality of water by high quality raw materials and qualified workmanship. The taste and flavor of the water can be further improved by applying filtering systems to remove sediment and chlorine.

The range of Cosmetal mains fed water distributors is very wide and offers products for homes, offices, bars, restaurants and public places.

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