Point of use and bottled water coolers for homes, offices and restaurants

Over 50 years of success

Cosmetal is the leading global manufacturer of superior quality water coolers with more of 30 years of experience in the sector.

Cosmetal.it wins the AQUA AWARD 2014 as best industry website

October 2014 - Water Coolers Europe has awarded the Cosmetal website the AQUA AWARD 2014. The key to the Cosmetal site's success is that it sees internet not just as a way to showcase the company and its products, but also as a customer service point.

Cosmetal's app is not only for browsing; it lets you experience the catalogue page after page.

June 2014 - The catalogue app, an evolution of the classic paper tool, is able to make traditional, interactive and dynamic information available at the same time. 

Water Coolers

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